World Nutrition quality control center purchased tens of millions RMB worth American equipment worth

Follow the "create global high-quality natural organic nutrition world" enterprise objectives, to increase consumer nutrition world branded food safety trust, at the end of 7, the Nutrition world spend 200 million dollars, to buy high-end professional test equipment. After the purchase of equipment, nutrition world's own quality control center will add 75 kinds of projects involving food safety testing, comprehensive strength to reach a new height.

Nutrition world through the establishment of product traceability system, the stander of company is higher than the national standard to ensure the quality of its own brand products. This makes the nutrition world has a more accurate data needs for food testing, we purchase of liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, atomic absorption and other large precision testing instruments can be more accurate presentation of detection data. Professional food testing equipment will confirm the company stander will higher than the national standard. The key point of Nutrition world s three third plan throughout the core of development has always been the view, now with a professional testing equipment and staff is tending to achieve.

The million RMB purchased equipment was Waters Liquid chromatograph, this equipment was a set of optimized advanced system, it had the flexibility and simplicity of mixed quaternary solvent, it could achieve advanced performance of UPLC separations - high resolution, sensitivity and high throughput, also maintained the recognized durability and reliability of ACQUITY system. It could detect pesticide residues, food additives and nutrient concentration values up to 75 test items, also 400 kinds of food additives and pesticides.

Professional equipment operators carefully recorded accurate data displayed on scream of the liquid chromatograph, every number after the decimal point represent the rigorous attitude of Nutrition World's high standard food safety. Every qualified products by nutrition world quality control center are safe, healthy, delicious; also no artificial colors, no artificial sweeteners, no thickeners, no preservatives or other artificial additives; insist on bringing high quality natural, organic and healthy food to the people who cherish the health.

Nutrition world followed business vision, combined with the current consumers' food safety pain points and nutritional health needs, implemented standardized quality control, high quality product, traceable materials, let the nutrition world to become the symbol of world's high quality, safety food suppliers.