Nutrition World uses every strength to represent to you ultimately the premium nature of food. We build our trust with actions.

.Selection--From the world to China

In building a world of nutritious food,the top buyers from Nutrition World have explored from around the globe, the most natural and organic

place of origin and discovered with our rigorous source auditing standards and selecting principles,thousands of natural and organic foods

which are finally going to be presented right before us.

.Standards---trustworthy for being disciplined

Nutrition World has established a testing system with even higher standards than of the international. We have established quality control centers in China,the US.Quality control which has been taken to core management strategy level,reports directly to board of directors. 40 million yuan has been spent on equipping our labs with first-class devices. Specific tests will be ran by food safety institutions from a third party.

.Transparency---It’s not only trust,but also a promise

Nutrition World has established product identifying and tracing system. Info of place of origin,processing,quality control,date of manufacture,nutrition facts,cooking suggestion and etc has been marked on barcodes to make natural and organic nutrition all transparent to our customers. Every step our products has taken can all be viewed by a single scan.

This is a dialogue between hunman and nature.This is our ‘Nutrition World’.